At NewMaker Financial, we know that life changes can make you feel adrift. That’s why we developed a process that is meant to restore your confidence. We call it our SEE process, in which we Secure, Envision, and Enact a plan for you.


Our first goal is to meet with you and begin to understand what you need. There are also certain vulnerabilities one experiences with a life change, and we want to identify those too. In this first step, we partner with you and/or your attorney to learn your financial situation and work to close those vulnerabilities (e.g. financial fraud, inappropriate estate plan provisions, unsuitable investments, etc.).


Once you feel secure and confident about the present, it’s time to start planning for your best future. We do this with a Vision Plan. A Vision Plan focuses on more than your finances, because money is just a tool for a better life. We start by discussing what your best life looks like, and as we understand your priorities, dreams, and goals, a vision of your future will become clear. We use our understanding of investments, insurance, taxes and economics to carve out the path to your best future. By the end of this step, we want you to feel as confident and secure about your future as you feel about the present. And as your vision changes and evolves over the years, we will be there with you to update and alter that vision - still with top notch advice and collaboration.


At this point, your here-and-now is known and your vision for the future is in progress. Now it’s time to enact that vision and aim to  bring it to fruition. We partner with LPL, the nation’s leading independent broker, to offer you investment and insurance solutions matched to your vision. For your investments, we will use our tailored bucket approach (also known as time segmentation) to build a portfolio that still puts your vision at its center. 

To keep track of your priorities and our financial recommendations, we create and monitor an Action Plan. From emotional milestones to financial tasks and everything in between, the Action Plan documents your healing process and progress towards your new future. Every year we will sit down and celebrate your accomplishments together, helping you see how far you’ve come, and how far you can go.

At NewMaker Financial you are more than just an account balance — you are a person, and we will never forget that. Let’s see your future together.

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